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The following year, application expanded to Oldsmobile and Pontiac and to some full-sized Chevrolets. Many of the Buick, Cadillac, and Oldsmobile THM s produced between were equipped with a “Switch-Pitch” torque converter with a variable-pitch stator , which is sought after by collectors and drag racers. These can be identified outside the vehicle with the torque converter removed by a narrow front pump spline. Externally the switch pitch version has two electrical connections, where the non-switch pitch THM has only one. GM used a Switch Pitch torque converter in the Buick twin turbine Dynaflow transmission between — and the Super Turbine two speed transmissions used by Oldsmobile , Pontiac, and Buick divisions between The switch pitch is not the only THM that utilizes an external 2 prong connector. Other units to include the 2 prong connectors had an internal pressure switch that was used to control spark timing retard. It can be identified by ” THM” cast into the tailhousing. Internally the clutch packs originally had fewer friction plates.

Turbo 350 to 700R4 swap – 71 Camaro

Report John answered 5 years ago The test is: Once you start the truck the pressure should drop to about when you rev the engine it may increase slightly but may not and if you do a road test it should be If it pressurizes good but drops below 11 when you initially turn the key on then I would suspect there’s a good chance the diaphragm in the regulator has ruptured.

Jun 19,  · R4 won’t shift into overdrive Is this a TPS problem? Is there a TPS fo rthe r4? Did you hook up the electrics? The converter needs power to lock up in 4th. Don’t drive it in 4th for too long before you hook up the electrics if you didn’t. There are lots of info on this on the net.

But as a rule the r4 holds about 11 Quarts. TV Cable Adjustment Adjusting the TV cable is a relatively easy process that allows you to change the shift points of your vehicle. It will fix a R4 that has really firm shifts, or shifts that feel to sluggish. It is important to make sure that this cable is in adjustment. There is a little semi-circle looking button that you press in. I think this write up is a phenomenal resource on adjusting a TV cable.

TH to R4 conversion The swap is relatively straightforward. You will need to do just a few things. The transmission mount location on the R4 is also a few inches further back The TH uses a kick down cable. It is not the same as the The next order of business will be to adjust install and adjust the TV Cable, which is no way the same as a kick down cable. The TH R4 uses a switch attached to the brake pedal to disengage the locking torque converter. Most people utilize a switch attached to the brake pedal like the stock cars that the R4 came with.

You will need to shorten the driveshaft regardless of whether or not you have the Corvette version or the standard length R4.

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Proper installation of the throttle valve cable on Factory and after-market carburetors or fuel injections. This information applies to all R4, 4L60 and R transmissions. Throttle valve cable adjustment instructions, numbers 4, 5 and 6. The throttle valve cable must be hooked up in this manner so the pressure will rise faster off idle and slow down at heavy throttle. If the pressure cable is pulled in a more even manner the pressure will be too low at light throttle.

Failure to hook-up the throttle cable in this way will burn the three-four clutch pack up fast.

Advance Adapter. This custom flex plate kit is designed to adapt the Gen III / LS series to the GM TH, and R4 transmissions. The kit includes a flexplate, 11mm flex plate bolts, crank spacer.

What is different about an Chevy from the rest of ? The troublesome leaky valve cover surfaces were changed in such that cylinder head mounting lip was raised and the bolt location was moved from 4 bolts on the perimeter, to 4 bolts down the centerline of the valve cover this design debuted on the Corvette in , and Chevrolet 4. The troublesome rear main seal was changed from a 2-piece rope design to a 1-piece design that used a mounting appliance to hold it in place.

Also changed were the mounting angles of the center 2 bolts on each side of the intake manifold from 90 degrees to 73 degrees and the lifter bosses were increased in height to accept roller lifters. The alloy heads for use in the Corvette still retain the non-angled bolts center 2 bolts attaching to the intake. MORE If you have a r4 transmission in a Chevy 4×4 blazer can you change it with a or turbo straight across with out having to change anything else?

If the transmission is out of a 4WD I don’t think there is a problem. Cannot give you an absolute guarantee.

GM Gen 3/LS Series Engine to GM TH350/700r4 Transmission Kit

Why is my engine running rich and my mixture screws do not have effect? Answer The first thing you need to check is your float level. No fuel should run from the sight hole unless you shake the vehicle. Next check the engine vacuum at idle. Anything below 12″ divide in half.

Jan 28,  · I put a used motor and trans in my camaro z28 runs drives but the plug too the tranny was different so I wanna hook up tranny manuly for tcc lock up If you put a engine and R4 in a 95 there is no TCC.

The cost of the 4L80E makes it impossible for me at the moment. If cost wasn’t an issue for me I would probably just order one from TCI, along with their controller, but it all costs a ton. They have not all been the fault of the builder. Two were the fault of other shops. The first time it was rebuilt it was just because it was old and used up. This was only about miles after rebuild and was covered under warranty.

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It would have fit him to a T. And then it all went wrong. With better lines than the more shrunken-appearing Continental and Mark VI, it should have been a great success.

The TV cable is connected to the passenger side of ThR and ThR4 transmissions at the locations shown in the above pictures. Same side as your dipstick. The picture at the far left shows the wire link and the TV cable to case seal.

By Jefferson Bryant January 23, Hot rods are all about personality. The transmission rarely gets much more than a single thought: For the purpose of this story, we are going to throw out the whole stick-shift thing; this story is all about high-performance overdrive automatics. Modern automatic transmissions go far beyond the old slushbox technology inside the typical TH or C4 you find in most hot rods.

With great power comes great responsibility…oh, wait, wrong story. Knowing that these guys have more overdrive gearboxes running around some seriously heavy-hitting powerplants, we knew these were the guys to hit up. Gearstar uses top-shelf components in their performance transmissions.

What Makes For a Good Hot Rod Overdrive And How To Install One

Same side as your dipstick. The picture at the far left shows the wire link and the TV cable to case seal. This seal must be placed into the transmission before installation, not onto the end of the TV cable housing! The wire link will be inserted into the hole of the connector at the transmission end of the TV cable.

The lock-up function on a R4 requires 12 volts to be supplied to the single black wire that is sticking out of the plug on your new transmission. This wire needs to be a hooked to a switched.

Strong tranny and smooth but every once in a great while it wont come out of 1st. Neighbor said put it in neutral ,moving or not and stomp the throttle to the floor about 3 times then put back in drive. This was after i changed the shift solenoid and changed fluid and filter, which didn’t work. He said its usually caused by dirt in the valve body. The high throttle boosts fluid pressure and clears the blockage by John brown Got the same problem in a silverado.

I have a after market intake and it slipped off causing the trans to get hot. Now i have ticking noises coming from the cluster and the led line under the gear on the cluster disappeared. Shifts into 2nd gear but not into 3rd the rpms just go across the gauge. I changed the oil and filter nothing changed. Then i saw trans goes into a safe mode i figured that was the problem because my truck problems match safe mode problems the fix is to disconnect the battery let it reset itself so i did so and it shifted into 3rd nevertheless about 5 miles later it was back broke.

Your transmission jumps from 1st to 3rd, seems like second but at too high an rpm. Something is going on that breaks my throttle valve cable plastic buckle.


My R4 was sourced from a ’92 Buick Roadmaster with Chevy engine. Thankfully the advancement of the ’92 version of the R4 already had mine as a theoretical “one wire” set-up. In the hope of having others avoid issues I had, I’m relaying the following information:

Dec 08,  · So, I was wondering how to hook it up and adjust it correctly. There is a spot on the throttle bracket that looks like it should hook up to, but the end of the cable doesn’t reach that far. I had to buy two pieces to correct the “geometry” for my R4 –> street avenger. I wonder if its the same for the Hooking up/ adjusting the.

Because finding the pedals, Z-bar, and a decent new or rebuilt shifter and matching transmission would take a fair amount of both time and money. The auto conversion has some small advantages, such as the smooth shifting and fuel economy you’d get with the R4 overdrive. But the new or new-looking console and horseshoe shifter aren’t cheap.

One advantage the four speed would have is that they seem to add more value to a car than an automatic. Nothing is more fun than revving the engine at a light, or catching 3rd with that much power. Either way, you’re looking at four grand plus to do either choice. Maybe more if you have all the work done by a pro. Maybe someone else here has a better estimate of the time and money for either or both?

Besides a isn’t going to last long behind a if you are hammering the gas hard often. You need to weld a plate for the Z-bar on the frame. A Muncie uses the same cross member and drive shaft.

TCI 200-4R / 700R4 Torque Converter Lockup Kit Universal Transmission Lock Up Tutorial Overview

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