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Introduced in and designed primarily as an anti-tank mine this particular example was manufactured in WW2 Japanese Aircraft Compass. Japanese aircraft instruments are amongst the most uncommon of WW2 aero collectables. This example, a compass was fitted to at least 6 different types The items included all his medals and a photo and this ‘all purpose’ No7 bayonet that was Original Signed Goebbels Portrait by Hoffman.

Bibliography of books on Cartridges or Ammunition

Winchester Cartridge and Chamber Drawings Jane’s Ammunition Handbook V2 – Centerfire, Rimfire, Patent Ignition.

I have a mauser zf41 rifle it has a BRNO frciever. Serial # on left side of receiver is Serial on the bolt is I would like to find out if it is authentic, if so .

Winchester Model 70, Adjustable Stock: Both of those systems have been serving the US military for several decades now with a good service history. So it was here that Hertsel was able to tap into their other business units and utilize resources they already had, mainly the Winchester model 70 action. FN then introduced the Patrol Bolt Rifle PBR , which was geared more for the lower end of the price range and designed to be carried in a patrol cruiser.

FN then introduced the Special Police Rifle SPR which aimed at the higher end rifle market, targeted directly at agencies looking for full time sniper rifles. Both of these rifle models were based on the Winchester model 70 action. Obviously this contract had the potential to be very lucrative both monetarily, as well as for the reputation of FN. The tests were typical of the FBI consisting of a thorough evaluation of performance and durability that covered many different areas.

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Identical to M , except – removable box magazine strange frame milling Mauser made a few guns like this in the s, but most specimens found today are genuine Schnellfeuers see below which have had the select-fire components removed and the resulting hole in the frame welded up, and the frame remachined. These reworks were done just before the guns were imported and sold on the American market in the s. I don’t examine these guns on this site. This isn’t one of the semi-autos, but it explains where that semi-auto rework just above comes from.

And here are some early guns which I don’t examine, as they fall outside the Stable Production Period. If the gun has that strange hammer over there by the “1”, it’s nowadays called a cone hammer.

The Book of Rifles by W. H. B. Smith 3rd Edition This page book is an encyclopedic reference book on single-shot, repeating, and semi-automatic rifles used in 51 countries around the world.

The following items can be found on the A2Z Military Collectables website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. This one is made of solid bronze and awarded to native bearers and servants; it has two clasps, the Tirah and the Punjab Frontier This medal is in excellent condition but all the naming has been erased; but both clasps are correctly attached and it comes on its original ribbon.

A very fine medal, a superb gap filler. Original American civil war period black leather ammunition pouch. It has been well used but remains in pretty good condition for its age. The inside still has the fabric compartments for the shells, there is wear here, some of the fabric has worn through, due to use. Pre XCII 92nd Gordon Highlanders Uniform Cross Belt Plate Beautiful solid brass badge which comes in wonderful original condition although there is light wear to the high points, long lugs both in tact, measures 3.

This is the 20 Mark example, part of a pad of certificates this is the last one, it comes in fair condition with a small tear on the right hand side. Victorian Owl Pounce Pot. A delightful Victorian desk item, many mistake these as pepper pots, but they are in fact Pounce pots or sanders. They held a fine sand and when you had finished writing with you old quill or ink pen, it was sprinkled over the page, to stop the ink from blotting.

The time has come for the original to be manufactured at home: at MAUSER

Even though Springfield Armory used a two-piece firing pin and other slight design alterations, the was in fact a Mauser design and this resulted in the U. By January, over , rifles produced. Due to inconsistent heat treatments, low numbered receivers Springfield Armory below , and Rock Island Arsenal below , should NEVER be fired under any circumstances because of the risk of serious injury or death. Toward the end of WWI. A cut in the left side of the receiver and stock were added to accommodate the Pederson Device semi-auto.

The M A2 is a stripped A1 or A3 used as a sub- caliber rifle in artillery pieces.

German WWII Ordnance Rifle Codes. World War II military rifles often have markings on the receiver, barrel, rear sight, and / or stock. From this it is possible to gain some information about the history of the particular piece. The top of the receiver usually has a 2 or 3 letter code with a number below it.

Most of these changes were simply design alterations that were made to simplify or increase production of the rifle. It was produced by Waffen Werke Brunn, Brunn. It fired the exact same 7. However, that is where the similarities end. Another example of the changes made to the K98 late in the war is the introduction of the Kriegsmodell K The Kriegsmodell K98 is basically the most simplified version of the K Several design changes were made to produce the Kriegsmodell.

Several items were completely eliminated, such as: Kriegsmodell K98s are usually late or production. They will usually have very rough machined parts, and stocks will be rough and usually unfinished.

German K98 Mauser Rifle

The Gewehr 98 Kar. I will briefly cover the history and basic facts about the Gewehr98 and Karabiner98a, however the sites purpose is two fold, one is to support the MRJ and my research into the development and production of the military Modell98 rifle Gewehr98, Kar. I will answer questions about your rifle and in exchange I will use the information to further my research.

NEW Winchester Model 70 chambered in , 24 inch heavy bull barrel, metal buttplate, replica military M MRT treated leather sling, topped with a Unertl 10X scope. This rifle was custom ordered as an exact duplicate of the rifle that renowned Marine Corps sniper Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock, “Whitefeather” used in Vietnam.

Brass and steel knuckle knife that is generally associated with the Middle East Commando and was the inspiration for the design of their cap badge. Also known as the ‘ Trench Warfare Dept. Percussion Pattern, the No. Souvenired Wehrmacht Belt and K98 Bayonet. Genuine Normandy souvenir acquired directly from veteran’s family. Gallantry group, comprising D. An excellent, used example of the woven Salamander sleeve badge worn by No.

Depicting a green salamander in red a

Kurdistan Workers’ Party

Found on ammunition headstamps, which are believed to have been made by Polte and loaded by Bergmann. Found on ammuntion headstamps. Found on small arms. Associated with annumtion components. Reichert, Vienna pyy Unknown, probably in Solingen. Involved with ammunition production.

Could bullhorn be acceptable for the last one? The definition is “a directional, high-powered, electrical loudspeaker or megaphone”.

By then, the use of Kurdish language, dress, folklore , and names were banned in Kurdish-inhabited areas. Espousing a Marxist ideology, the group took part in violent conflicts with right-wing entities as a part of the political chaos in Turkey at the time. They claimed that he exploited the peasants, and collaborated with Turkey in oppressing the Kurds. It is believed that this marked a period of intense urban warfare among other political elements. It launched attacks and bombings against Turkish governmental installations, the military, and various institutions of the state.

The PKK mainly focused on attacks against Turkish military targets in Turkey, although civilian targets were also hit in the past. At the same time, the government started to use more violent methods to counter Kurdish militants. From to , the PKK conducted hundreds of bomb attacks against military and police bases. It partially relaxed the bans on broadcasting and publishing in the Kurdish language , although significant barriers remain.

Later that year, the US Treasury moved to freeze assets of branches of the organization. It is known that the PKK has given some kind of support to this alliance. Its aims and objectives have evolved over time towards the goal of national autonomy, [58] and democratic confederalism. Cemil Bayik was elected as a new leader in

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Zastava Arms manufactures several 98 Mauser variants, the best known of these being the LK M70 and M85 series, in various popular calibers ranging from. A number of the LK M70 slightly modified versions have been widely sold in other countries. They used FN action for later models and series. They also produced the actions.

Horst Auction Center “The Voices Of Experience” Gun Auction January 7, — 9 AM. Click here for accessories list. Click here for important gun registration information.

Links To Gun and Militaria Related Pages If you have a firearms or militaria related page and you would like us to link to it, send us an e-mail. If we add your link, we request that you have a link to Antique and Collectable Firearms and Militaria Headquarters on your page. This site also has some of the best plans for many different stize and style of gun racks for handsome or utilitarian storage of longarms, and they sell kits for many of them.

Interesting to review for info, even if not eager to buy one yet. These are very detailed and reflect the research and expertise of the member of this elite group of advanced collectors. Most highly recommended, but it will take weeks to read them all, so make a schedule or list to keep track as you work through them. Mainly auction sales of many items, but posted prices for some others.

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This may be a WW1 bayonet that has been reissued, possibly in the Weimar period. Blade is excellent, undamged with much crossgrain showing and has a full logo Alcoso maker mark with the scales, a very nice eraly dagger. Sold A fine french Chassepot bayonet, model , good hilt and tidy blade with good etched wording along the spine, good steel scabbard and complete with leather replica frog, good bayonet from the Franco-Prussian War.

They actualy started in the cutlery business in and are still going strong today.

The Mauser brand has stood as a symbol for the real, successful hunting experience for over years. All hunting rifles made by Mauser are based on traditional, down-to-earth values, combined with the most modern of rifle technology.

He was in the Army Marksmanship Unit. But not a precision cartridge, got it. I just read a few things he posted here and there, and even I can tell, you know nothing about him, or the 6. I never said the 6. I said it was developed as a precision round for the Mk. When I was last deployed, the Mk was in ALL of our mags, and that was the going recommendation among a lot of different teams.

I got invited out to a wild hog hunt and they were using the commercial equivalent. Had some doubts going in, but it worked exceptionally better than I thought it would, and kills were clean and quick. Marc the round nose bullets of the late 19th century were all very stable and zipped right through soft tissue, but nonetheless causes severe damage when hitting bone. I think that perception comes from the sorts of military FMJs that were common surplus ammunition for a long time, especially the 6.

What is the German 1920 Double Date Stamp?

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