In NBA 2k14 can you play NBA games online with your MyPlayer?

Matt Bertz breaks down the game and lists the 25 things you need to know. Some of these points that many readers and fans of the game want to hear cover, gameplay, presentation, online and association modes. Earlier today, we brought you information on the team of NBA 2K14 broadcasting a live stream of full gameplay of the game, so be sure if you missed it, you go and check that out here. Here is a preview on what Bertz had to say on his hands-on time with the game: Last year the studio overhauled its right analog stick control by migrating the dribbling moves to the stick and hiding the shot stick options behind a left trigger modifier. In the quest to make the controls as intuitive as possible, NBA 2K14 removes the need of holding a modifier button to take a shot. With this newly dubbed Pro Stick controls, the full suite of dribbling moves are still at your disposal just like last year, but if you hold the thumbstick in a particular direction it activates the shot stick. It takes a few games to learn the boundaries between shooting and dribbling, but after fooling around with a player in practice mode I grew more comfortable with this approach.

NBA2K16: aking, and Tons of Customization

Unfortunately, NBA 2K16 tries to shoot a long 3-point shot with its current monetization structure and ends up just crippling what could have been a near perfect game dramatically. NBA 2K16 is different for one critical reason in comparing it to the last titles and it comes in the form of two words: NBA 2K16 is going for something different when it comes to its single-player and most popular mode: You start with 3 games in high school, around 4 in college and end up making it to the NBA Draft selection process.

NBA 2K14 received its fourth patch for next-generation consoles today, addressing issues with save files, MyGM contracts, Friend invites and more, 2K revealed on its official blog today. The Xbox.

October 2, Summary: Perfected gameplay and an abundance of addicting modes make NBA 2K16 a heavyweight contender for the greatest sports game ever made. The trouble-making childhood friend? The parents that want you to turn down millions to stay in college? Your created character starts out as a high school phenom, before choosing his college and eventually being drafted into the NBA itself.

This is definitely a pre-determined story that can take you out of the moment, so get ready for some serious belief suspension. After you complete your origin story, MyCareer goes into the same kind of structure that fans will instantly recognize.

NBA 2K16 explained

Download this archive and extract file anywhere on your PC: Run extracted file and add information to registry 3. Go to game folder or installation folder ,Right click to that folder ,”Grant Admin Full Control” ,wait until is done ,install game or play game. With this method you take Administrator Rights for that folder and all included files.

NBA 2K15 was a massive update to 2K14 in literally every way. Tweaks to the on-court action, the addition of a story to the MyCareer mode, and the introduction of 2KTV made it an absolute must-have for any NBA .

NBA 2K16 does feel like a game built around online connected modes There stood Lee, wise in his horn-rimmed glasses, proclaiming that story is everything. The mode starts your career from high school for the first time in the series. As you complete three high school games — in smaller gymnasiums that replicate the prep atmosphere — college recruiters come calling.

Everything from your team’s logo, court and jerseys can be tweaked to your liking, even giving you the ability to upload your own custom logos. As time has gone on, this particular mode has been looking towards giving players a real sense of participation in an actual NBA story. NBA 2K15 was a massive update to 2K14 in literally every way. Tweaks to the on-court action, the addition of a story to the MyCareer mode, and the introduction of 2KTV made it an absolute must-have for any NBA fan.

With NBA 2K16, Visual Concepts and their 2K franchise continue their domination of the virtual hardwood and even cement themselves as one of the most consistently great gaming franchises in the process – yeah, you read that right. A lot of the fan-favorites return, but there are a couple of notable additions. It tracks player tendencies, and keeps you grinding towards becoming one of the upper echelon NBA 2K16 players. Even the fans of online leagues with trades and drafts get their favorite game mode back — My Leagues offers players the ability to form leagues with their friends, draft players, make trades, and manage your team across a full NBA Season.

NBA 2K14 servers are back online following anger over career-killing shutdown

Posted by Josh Hinke on September 26, – 8: Players of all sorts were intrigued by having traditional career mode mechanics infused with a narrative, but what really got people interested was the promise that it offered. However, with the honeymoon over, the promise of compelling tales of NBA life have all but evaporated in this latest version. I hated this character.

And being a failed-DJ-turned-streetballer must be a lucrative career because DJ begins the game living in a gigantic loft suite in NBA-ville more on that in a second , with his own basketball court inside his enormous loft apartment, with its own doorman who basically doubles as your personal assistant. He complains about shoe deals and playing time in his first NBA game when literally days ago he was shooting hoops as a nobody.

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How does a team improve on a championship season? What was once a simple, performance-focused way to replicate an NBA career has become a story-driven, often melodramatic mode. Last year, 2K got a little heavy-handed with its Spike Lee-penned narrative about an inner-city success story whose entourage often got in the way of good judgment. It was a decent tale, but its linear structure and maudlin ending blemished the experience.

By the third Hallmark Channel cutscene, I wanted a little more action and a little less emotion. This year, the preachy melodrama has been toned down considerably, while still presenting a compelling plotline. And, just like any good trailer, it leaves gamers wanting more with a dramatic draft-day cliffhanger. MyLeague allows gamers to customize any of the included leagues to their liking. If they want to add new teams or move the Nets back to Jersey they can — the game will adjust accordingly.

Likewise, if players want to make wholesale changes to league rules and regs, they can have at it. What separates these modes from past iterations is how much deeper they go. Even seemingly minor changes become significant once applied.

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The new patch for “NBA 2K17” is now available. The update is about 7GB in size, and it is also supposed to increase the “online stability” of a number of modes such as MyPark and MyTeam. Because of the large memory needed for the update, many players cannot help but complain.

NBA 2K16 is facing some competition from EA’s revitalized NBA Live ’16, and while the series has a lot of ground to gain, EA’s series is promising significant improvements to its iteration.

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Best NBA 2K14 Player On The Team?

The sole reason for that are the microtransactions and their harmful effects which several outlets have penalized the game for with low scores, citing the MyPlayer based modes in particular which have been designed in a way to pressure people into spending money to unlock the fun and ability to compete online. There are a few immediate actions 2K Sports could take to improve the situation.

However the more fundamental changes that have to be made such as starting MyPlayers at a higher Overall Rating, creating online matchmaking that avoids putting low rated characters in games against high rated characters, and separating currencies both by mode and skills vs cosmetic items will have to wait for 2K Unfortunately for 2K18 the actual developers that have worked extremely hard to create a very good game had little to nothing to do with the monetization strategy which has overshadowed their impressive efforts.

Why do player matches not have editable preset substitutions. There is no hall of fame lobby.

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The ideas that people have had for this sub-mode range from more player rewards, equalized team matchmaking, even actually making the playoffs and playing for rings for your franchise. But instead of asking for all that, the simplest and most effective request that could be made is for MT rewards. But if there were ways to make more of it by actually playing the game, maybe it would discourage people from having to buy in-game currency.

Repeatable seeds with MT rewards, simple and clean. What to do after you finish. Maybe a sizeable amount of MT each time you beat a seed would entice people to embrace the challenge of beating that cheese multiple times to build the team of their dreams rather than buying it.

NBA 2k14 – First Time Playing Parks

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