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This is probably the most common question watch collectors have. Sometimes it is easy to answer, and sometimes it is impossible. There have been a lot of watch manufacturing companies that have come and gone over the years. Many have gone out of business, while others destroyed records to save space. Some companies as with the Gruen Watch Company , even lost rocords to fire or other natural disaster. The companies are not to blame. I am sure they had no idea that their timepieces would someday be collected. There are several ways to get an idea of when your watch was made. I am slowly adding serial number tables to this site. Serial number records are available for many of the old pocket watch companies like AM Waltham, Elgin, South Bend etc.

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For example, in all new Rolex watches produced had a serial number which started with the number 8 and had 6 digits following it; thus making it an 8 million serial number. Midway through Rolex switched to having a number in front of the rest of the serial number. Until August of this is how it was possible to date Rolex watches. Not only does this make it impossible to date new watches made after but it also deters counterfeiters.

This style serial number contains 8 digits of a mixture of alphabet letters and Arabic numerals, making it impossible to date your Rolex without examining the warranty card issue date. The Rolex serial number table below will nonetheless be helpful to any Rolex owner or potential owner.

Early models[ edit ] The Submariner model went into production in and was showcased at the Basel Watch Fair in The assigned case reference number of this first Submariner was either or It is unclear which model came first; in any event, the two watches are nearly identical. Neither has the distinctive “cathedral” or “Mercedes” hands now so strongly associated with the Submariner line. Rather, both of these early submariners have straight “pencil” style hands.

Few, if any, of the watches bear the name “Submariner” on the dial, a major distinction of modern Submariners. Some models have the Submariner logo printed below the center pinion, while others have the logo blacked out.

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Jun 29,  · For years, since actually, Rolex has been using its serial number system to date when the watch was produced. For example, in all new Rolex watches produced had a serial number which started with the number 8 and had 6 digits following it; thus making it an 8 million serial number.

Service Your Timepiece Rolex m Submariner No Date Random Serial This is another one of many random serial Rolex m Submariner no dates we have sold, but this one was exceptional because it retained its original factory barcode case protective plastic. Collectors and casual wearers alike have always been quick to buy this particular m no date Submariner because of its association with the early James Bond movie franchise, one that has since been sponsored by Omega.

It is the last ever serial number issue of the classic aluminum bezel Submariners as the date Submariner was discontinued 2 years prior. Its discontinue marks the end of an era. This is the last Submariner with the original slim profile lugs and aluminum bezel insert, as well as lug holes and a non solid end link SEL bracelet. This last issue m features the rare factory installed parachrom blue hairspring in the calibre movement, a change found only on the G and random serial issues of this model.

This is also the last Submariner with non SEL bracelet, a diving bracelet with diver extension link built into the clasp. We SOLD and delivered it to our buyer complete with all original boxes, manuals, warranty card, and red chronometer hang tag.

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First check the inner rim of the watch face also called the rehaut, which is french for “flange” between the dial and the crystal. If the watch was produced in or newer the serial should be engraved on the rehaut. On older Rolexes, this serial is located on the side of the watch case at the 6 o’clock position where the bracelet is attached. To view these serial numbers, the bracelet must be detached from the 6 ‘clock side of the case.

Date Your Rolex. Here is information on how to date your Rolex and determine the year of manufacture. I have compiled a more accurate database as I found many online ones where inaccurate or out of date, each genuine Rolex has a unique serial number stamped on the watch casing.

In the past 5 years the number of tools to help us learn about these awesome watches has jumped from a single page Caliber-Date table to at least 3 new, significant dating tools. It’s important to understand the difference between the dates that these tools provide. You want to match the date with the correct use of that date. Here are the 3 different dates that can be found on a Gruen watch. Style Number Date – This page you are now reading, and the online dating tools found here, all tell you the Style Number Date.

This date is an approximation of when the model of watch first went into production. It does not tell us when your specific watch was made. Use this date to help find the correct model name of your watch. A tutorial on how to do this can be found here. Out of all the dates you can find on a watch, this is the date that determines exactly how old your watch is.

It’s is also the most bullet-proof of the dating techniques. The tables have been shown to be very accurate, and unlike Style Number Dating, there are no caveats or tricky situations. Read more about Case Manufacture Dates here. I believe it’s the least trustworthy of the tools.

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April 18, in Chronograph Tags: Fast forward a decade or so and Breitling released the first version of the watch in this post, the Superocean Ref. The main differences between the two versions are that the early model has no running seconds subdial and has a plain diving bezel rather than the yachting bezel found on the later model.

Dates Of Manufacture According To Serial Number And Other. — Robert Ingersoll & Bros. Watch Co. Alphabetic List of American Watches. Similarly, the watches sold under the Marvel Watch Co. Some of these “fake jewel” watches can be quite collectible today.

The dial is black and has stainless steel and luminous hands and hour markers. Model number and Z serial. All packages are shipped via FedEx and insured for the full purchase price against theft, damage, or loss. Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price of shipping cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to purchasing.

Due to federal laws we are unable to declare a lower value on your package. Due to security purposes we only ship Monday-Thursday unless prior arrangements are made. We do not ship on weekends. We are not an authorized dealer for any major Swiss watch brand and we do not provide a manufacturer’s warranty on any watch bought through us. Phil Abrams Fine Jewelry provides you with an equivalent warranty that reflects the manufacturer’s warranty, conditions, and terms.

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Rolex Serial Numbers The following list is of known Rolex serial numbers for the years listed. By checking a particular serial number against this list you should be able to date a watch with reasonable accuracy.

Our look up chart is not affiliated to Rolex UK or international in any form. Rolex Serial Numbers The importance of the serial and model number identification system is that when buying any Rolex watch, you are confident in ensuring that the watch you are buying is correct to the year and model being sold by the seller. The wrong card or certificate can cause issues later on or affect the resale value when you come to sell the watch on.

The serial number chart is a good guide in checking the date of the watch, and by this we mean confirmation of the year of production when the watch was registered at Rolex from the point of manufacture. You can cross-reference this with your certificate that should accompany the watch even if this is not the original Rolex certificate but another form of authenticity that you are happy to except when buying a pre-owned Rolex watch. Please feel free to you use our free checker serial number look up chart above.

You can find your serial and model number at the positions shown below as per the photos if you do not hold the any certification for the watch as not all pre-owned watches have the original paperwork for various reasons. To check the serial and model you may wish to consult a watch technician or even at the point of sale for the seller to identify the model and serial number on the watch to you, as to check this against the original Rolex certificate or authenticity certificate provided by the seller.

It is important when buying any pre-owned Rolex watch that you verify these numbers with the original Rolex certificate, or the Authenticity card with the watch from the seller. By this practice had gradually transitioned to all models.

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Within 1 business day, we will email you a response with an offer or additional questions about your Rolex watch. We will never share your watch or personal information with another company. Security and privacy is very important to us.

Rolex serial numbers allow you to date the year of the Rolex and you can also date the year of the Rolex bracelets. Rolex bracelet codes are found on the inner part of the Rolex bracelet clasp and started in the ′s to the ’s.

Pros and Cons Rolex Case Back Stamps Used Inside Vintage Rolex Watches One of the things that are so rewarding about this website is the ability to compile data over a long time period and present it in a way that has so far not being available to collectors, either in book form or online. Here, it should be possible to identify a subject and create a pool of knowledge relating to it, forming a lasting record that enthusiasts can keep returning back to whenever they wish.

As far as we are aware, nobody has ever tried to put these into strict chronological sequence before, so this exercise is venturing into uncharted territory. Hopefully, it should be useful as an aid to weeding out those watches that have wildly different case back markings to others from the same year, this suggesting that they merit further scrutiny to confirm their originality. It seems most logical to structure this section so that the chart itself is accessible with a minimum number of clicks in order that returning browsers can refer back to it in the most direct fashion.

However, it is the first form of case back marking used by the company that would go on to become Rolex, hence it makes a logical point at which to begin this research. The next era of vintage Rolex case back stamping is the most relevant to the project being undertaken here. In the early s, Rolex introduced a new case back signature on which the number of world records set by the company in accuracy competitions was stated below the Rolex brand name.

In our business, we have long believed that if this rising number was accurately charted by year, it would be a useful dating aid that could be of assistance to the collector in instances when other means of identifying a specific year of production, i. Similarly with early Rolex Oyster cases, there should be a pattern of increasing patent numbers mentioned as the years go on. Later, the mention of patents by number and individual country would be dropped but even so, Rolex gradually evolved its case back stamps and it should be possible to pick out some sort of trends.

In the early s, a system of date stamping was introduced for Oyster cases, with the quarter of the year in which the watch was produced indicated by a Roman numeral, after which the last two digits of the year were given in Arabic numerals. So, for instance, II. Again, hopefully the process of recording case back stamps in this way should allow us to spot any other variations that exist from this period.

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Look at the side of your watchcase. On the watchcase lugs, located where the watch bracelet is attached, you may see one small hole on each lug where the spring bar is located. This means your Rolex has the traditional pierced lug style. If your Rolex does not have the pierced lug style, turn the watch over, and look for the long spring bar in the space where the bracelet meets the watchcase.

Leica M’s Sorted by Model and Serial Number to M3 to M6 TTL The raw data was supplied courtesy of Leica, by Mr. Horst Braun with the approval of Leica’s CEO, Mr. Cohn. I’m sure I’m speaking for all Leica enthusiasts in thanking them for their help and generosity in sharing this information.

Quite often, passionate watch collectors and enthusiasts want to know the value of their Rolex timepiece. For instance, are you interested in buying or selling a Rolex watch? Want to trade a watch? Additionally, you can refer to our page that describes the simple process to sell Rolex watches or trade your Rolex. Remember, BeckerTime is one of the most trusted online distributors of pre-owned Rolex watches.

As a result, our expertise can help you determine the highest value of your pre-loved Rolex watch. Also, you can find the production date according to the serial number with this simple tool. So, want to know what your Rolex watch is worth? Please contact us if we can answer any questions regarding the age of your Rolex timepiece. We can answer any questions with authority and detail to help you receive the highest market value.

Design differences are subtle. A Rolex Submariner purchased in is often virtually identical to the same reference purchased a few years later.

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The example below uses information from the American Waltham Watch Company, but that is just an example. You should consult the serial number table for the specific brand of watch movement you are trying to date by selecting a company from the menu on the left. Not all vintage watches can be dated using the serial number. Some American watch brands did not use a consistent series of serial numbers, but most of the big manufacturers did.

Most vintage Swiss pocket watches did NOT have serial numbers and can’t be dated by this method.

Jan 09,  · rolex serial numbers with production dates The Rolex serial numbers are found between the lugs on the side of the case at the 6 o’clock side, behind the bracelet. This digit number is engraved by Rolex on every watch and it can be used to determine its production date.

In , rather than begin an 8 digit production serial, Rolex instead began their serials with a letter prefix such as R, then L, E X. The latest letter prefixes are all running concurrentlyas Rolex wishes. Only Rolex knows the exact date that any watch was actually produced. Confusedcontact Rolex with the exact serial number of your watchdon t expect a reply with an answer. When Rolex reached the , production serial in the early sthey restarted the production serial at , rather than begin a 7 digit number at 1, , During this period Rolex was also putting the date code on the inside of the case backsso confusing production serials can sometimes have their production date determined.

Where is the Serial Number located on my Rolex?

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